Contactless personalised communication


Gain critical data insights about your guests booking behaviour and spending patterns.

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Understanding your customer

Improve your ability to deliver on guests' expectations and increase revenue with our suite of reports at property, brand, regional and corporate level.

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Seamless Communication

Guests can message you in their app or channel of their choice. 2-way instant translation in over 103 languages.

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Guest Insights Key Features

Messaging Insights

Compare properties, departments and users to better understand how to improve efficiency and interactions with customers.

Concierge Insights

Fully understand your guests preferences by being able to compare guest behaviours against market, segment and property. This gives your team an understanding of what benefits the guest better and be able to personalise recommendations.

Aggregated Reporting

The ability to provide Corporate, Regional and Multi property reports, making comparisons easier and spot patterns across different properties.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand your customers sentiment by leveraging our sentiment reporting.

Customer Satisfaction

Send quick pulse CSAT surveys through messaging to understand customer satisfaction. Whether this be based off a conversation, concierge request or reservation. Truly allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of your customers.


Benchmark yourself against other customers and industry benchmarks to understand performance opportunities and gaps.


Easy integration with your PMS

HAPI can easily connect with your PMS including Opera, Mews, Webrezpro, Infor, Logus, Epitome and many more.

So you can see all your guest data in one place.

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We have loved using Alliants at Lyle, as a new independently owned property Alliants has given us the ability to engage with guests throughout and after their stays in a way that wouldn't be possible without the platform. It has given us an opportunity to remain in constant contact with the guest on their terms and remain respectful of guests' time and communication preferences. It also helps our team remain on the same page about all guests without having to send constant emails back and forth! Alliants is awesome!

Taylor Phillips

Front Office Manager

Lyle Hotel - Lore Group